Sunday, May 7, 2017

My 50th High School Reunion and Darlene Love in One Weekend!

  I predicted that this weekend would be the most surreal of my life. Usually I am able to express my feelings yet I am still processing what it felt like to see people from my childhood,  many with no  other point of reference but graduation day.  I am grateful to Nancy Newcomb Dail  for making the trip from Maine so we could go together. Picture a pack of students lined up at the starting line of  a race and when the gun goes off so do we. Fifty years later we are at the starting line again as the event was held on the campus of Thayer Academy. Notice I did not say the finish line.  Spiritually I not sure there is one. Both the campus and the faces looked familiar enough to trigger an avalanche of emotions and memories. By Saturday afternoon I am home feeling sorry/glad to have the event in the rear view mirror. It will be curious to see if the resolutions to stay in touch hold.
  Saturday morning I was invited to a Darlene Love concert by my friend Sue. My ETA to Cape Ann solidified,  I am off late afternoon  to Lynn Auditorium to see and hear an icon sing some of my favorite songs from that time. For a short time I was in a girls doo wop group. I know those songs. But there is Darlene Love on super high spiky heels and sleeveless tops looking and sounding great. Graciously she gave her backup singers time to shine on their own.
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