Sunday, July 18, 2010

I'm Moving!

And to this house although it does not look like this anymore!

For more than half my life I have lived in my small studio in Folly Cove. I put out an open sign, made jewelry and waited. I forgot about the days of open ended time where I could experiment and not feel the pressure to have something "saleable" by the end of the day. All that changed at SPA in Portland Maine about four years ago. Now held in Freeport, the event continues to be a high point for New England fiber enthusiasts. Motivated by my time there I have expanded my line of shawl pins and added my Cable Needle Necklaces, Flame eyed yarn sewing needles with much more to come as soon as I redo my site. RoseAnn Hunter and continue to expand our traveling for teaching. The above left photo shows examples of our "Wire and Wool Jewelry Class" that combines simple techniques from both our disciplines.
With all this in mind, I realized I needed a bigger place so I could host workshops. Ideally it would be walking distance from the Rockport train station and from the shopping area of Rockport itself. As I finish redoing the house I can focus on making all this happen. Not being open except by appointment frees up energy for new directions.
Redoing a house is a new experience for me which involves many decisions some of which I may have to live with for the rest of my life. I knew there would be some I might regret but never the choice of this house which fulfills all my criteria. I will let nothing undermine the joy I feel in this new beginning.
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