Monday, December 23, 2013

Blame It on the Wensleydale

Well that and the craftivist, Casey Jenkins.  I had intended to make these merkins as joke gifts for Judy and Rose. But watching Casey's YouTube video really propelled me to follow through. Her willingness to follow through with her vision which is public, pubic and lasts for 28 days is admirable to me. And at this point there are almost 4 million visits to her video and several response videos including a quite funny parody.  There can be no better reason to free myself from open studio hours and special orders than to have fun, follow my creative directions  and  maybe motivate others to do this same.
 There is no pattern for these. I crocheted them from my single ply handspun wool and then put in the Wensleydale which could not have been more perfect if I had bought it for the project!  But if you wish directions for a Valentine's  Day gift go to this site.
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