Friday, June 12, 2009

World's Fastest Update!

I have been feeling like the end person in a game of Whip these past tow months; moving so fast that my feet leave the ground. So here are a few quick update with a promise for more in depth reporting later.

This weekend I am in both Art in the Barn at the Essex County Greenbelt Association and the Fiber Arts Celebration (http://fiberartscelebration/) in Andover. The latter is a first time effort from RoseAnn Hunter ( and Kate Broughton. Brunonia Barry will be the featured speaker and since I am in the middle of reading (and loving) her book, The Lace Reader, I am super glad to hear her speak.

I am also in the middle of my first sock! I was actually sitting there knitting it last night at the opening of the barn show. I was two rows into turning the heel when the show officially closed for the night.
Lastly, Darcy will be hitting the 100,000 visitor to her blog within the next few hours! ( She has been such a great Internet marketer that I have decided to offer a special prize to one of her followers. I will call the winner we can decide together what they would like me to make the, as a thank you for readership.
I will have photos of all of the above after this weekend.
Blog On!