Friday, August 24, 2007

National Tribute to Spell Check Day

I proclaim August 25th to be National Tribute to Spell Check Day. Why? Because Spell Check helps me hide my spelling deficiency. What credibility would I have with my readership if they had to pick their way through my blog guessing what I meant?
God Bless the person who invented Spell Check!
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Sunday, August 19, 2007

On Being Present at The Wedding of a Friend's Child

Maybe if I had had children it would not have hit me so hard. But there I am in Lynch Park for Amy and Joe(y)"s wedding. When I was their age I lived with my high school boyfriend (17-25) just down the street in an apartment where I hosted the groom's parents for my first adult dinner party. We ate "piece meal" as the science of cooking times was new to me. Now this 58 year old butt is sitting in the formal rose garden waiting for what will be one of the most beautiful brides I have ever seen to walk the grassy path to a man who is obviously eager to have her by his side for life. After the service I call my Aunt Ruth who lived next door to me way back then. Now she resides in an assisted living place in another town. She was one of the first people to show me by example that creativity was a gift and not a hinderance to living a "normal life". I leave a soppy, sentimental message, unsurprised to not find her in. Later at the reception I avoid the bridal bouquet tossing ritual. I sit with Joe(y)'s mom, Martha who actually wore a bra for the event. We are trying to figure out how so much time has gone by. It was the same conversation, but a different bra, that we had a few years earlier for her daughter, Jennifers wedding. I tell her we will be here in twenty five years or so for the grandchild's wedding. We will probably have the same conversation then.
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Friday, August 17, 2007


Maureen here. Every season has its scents: evergreen for Christmas, turkey for Thanksgiving, lilacs for May. My nomination for the scent of August is basil. The lovely basil pictured here is straight out of Leslie's thriving garden. After it posed prettily for this portrait, it became pesto and was frozen to be used during a cold winter's day. The scent was intoxicating. It reminded me of Grampa's garden and of the herbs Dad used to grow. I would love to buy some basil essential oil and make myself a basil perfume. Wonder if I would end up smelling like an Italian restaurant?

Monday, August 13, 2007

Just A Start

I have been promising myself and anyone who asks that I would get going on redoing my website. I wish I had a good reason /explaination of why this has been taking so long. I don't. Well, not one that would hold up in court, anyway.
But here is a beginning idea of showing several pins at once. Three show the classic stick method, while the rest are the tab closure.
I would love to hear any feedback.
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Sunday, August 12, 2007

A Poem, "Aunt Martha's Afghan"

I am sitting in a doctors office waiting room. I am not happy to be there but that is not due to being nervous about being a patient. I am waiting for a friend who needed a ride. I see hours of my work day evaporating. I pick up the afghan that I had been making to go in my Aunt Martha's guest room. Busy fingers sooth the agitated mind. In front of me is a long koi pond that is as active as a small village. Rocks have been placed to form havens for the koi fry. It does not take long for me to feel peaceful as I crocheted in such a beautiful place. This poem percolated to the surface;

I made you this afghan
Call it a blanket or throw
There is so much more in it
I want you to know
Each stitch is a second
With you on my mind
Captured in wool
Frozen in time
In waiting rooms, meetings
Whenever I sat
Watching a movie on TV
Surrounded by cats
So wrap it around you
Feel it warm like a glove
Remember what warms you
Is really my love

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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

What I learned from the Belle of Amherst

Thanks to my friend, Jeb, I was able to see the "Belle of Amherst" at Gloucester Stage last week. Lindsay Crouse was a very believable Emily Dickinson. What has most stayed with me is the manner of creative life she led. She never left the property which certainly limited her personal relationships . She didn't expend energy thinking about what to what to wear as she only wore white. She had, basically, a life devoid of distraction. I, in contrast, spend my days like a ball in a pin ball game, careening from one thing to another. I now have a new goal: to live the undiluted life. As of this writing I am not sure what that means, but I will document where this new goal takes me.
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Parking for Saturday's Event

One note about the Rockport Fiber Fest: there is limited parking on Broadway. One suggestion is to take the Park and Ride trolley from the parking lot near the Rockport Transfer Station. You'll have to ask the trolley driver to let you off at the Community House which is one building down from 5 Corners on the left side of the street.

The Park and Ride lot is on Blue Gate Lane: the mapquest link is here.

- Maureen

Friday, August 3, 2007

Rockport Fiber Fest

What: A gathering for all people involved in fiber-related activities such as knitting, crocheting, spinning, needlework, embroidery, rug hooking and the like.
When: August 11, 2007 - 9AM to 3PM
Where: Rockport Community House, 58 Broadway, Rockport, MA
Why: Because we wanted to get together with fun people with interesting projects.
Who: Leslie is really the organizer, but I will be there making a purse to felt. Our friend Roseanne Hunter, the magnificent rug maker, is coming. I'm pretty sure Rob Porter will be there with yarn he just imported from China. And members of the Essex County Needlecraft Guild are going to try to make it. So come one, come all.
How: Just show up, bring a project to work on, and a dish to pass for potluck lunch. Another interesting location in the neighborhood is Helen Parker Textiles, right across the street. Helen paints textiles - wait till you see them.

Any further questions? Post a comment here or send me email at maureenmo3 at aol dot com. (You know how to really type that email address - I did that to fool the spambots.)

P.S. Leslie and I heard the Yarn Harlot speak at Borders in Burlington last night. She is just as funny and bright as you would think from her writing, and certainly gave me something to think about: there are 50 million knitters in North America. I'll stop there and let Leslie blog about her if she wishes.