Monday, December 23, 2013

Blame It on the Wensleydale

Well that and the craftivist, Casey Jenkins.  I had intended to make these merkins as joke gifts for Judy and Rose. But watching Casey's YouTube video really propelled me to follow through. Her willingness to follow through with her vision which is public, pubic and lasts for 28 days is admirable to me. And at this point there are almost 4 million visits to her video and several response videos including a quite funny parody.  There can be no better reason to free myself from open studio hours and special orders than to have fun, follow my creative directions  and  maybe motivate others to do this same.
 There is no pattern for these. I crocheted them from my single ply handspun wool and then put in the Wensleydale which could not have been more perfect if I had bought it for the project!  But if you wish directions for a Valentine's  Day gift go to this site.
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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Demonstrating Rugmaking and Wool Spinning at the Whipple House

    I have driven by this house for many years and never expected to spend a day sitting on the lawn spinning wool. RoseAnn is shown here making a standing wool rug. Behind her is my favorite travel wheel, an Ashford Traveler. Next Sunday we are at Appleton Farms.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Successful Self Diagnosis #1

 Ok, I am older now so I guess that is what is behind my being more aware. This morning I noticed that I was experiencing black spots in my vision. Floaters (which are common with those of us who are nearsighted)? The beginning of Macular Degeneration? Turns out they were fruit flies. Treatment? Clean the kitchen.
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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Tweaking Elizabeth Zimmerman,

 My favorite knitting writer!
 My fiber friend, Virginia who is guzel36 on pinterest, came for a visit. Our trajectories of interests overlap and part company  much like the weaving that interest both of us. For some reason having her around boosted me to try something that has been in my mind for some time: Elizabeth Zimmerman's round shawl from her "Knitter's Almanac".  She wanted me to start the center of this knit till you drop shawl on dpns. I didn't think she would mind if I crocheted until I reached the required number of stitches and then picked them up with Denise Knitting Needles. I started out with size 8 then to size 10 and now I am committed to size 11 until the end of time or the end of this project, whichever comes first.  Color wise nothing is a certainty.
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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Return to Auntie Zaza's

  This time I went with RoseAnn Hunter who was teaching two classes that day on her Shaker inspired rug making techniques. Each class made ornaments to solidify the lesson. From there they could make rugs, or clothing embellishments or....more ornaments!
   I tagged along just to be able to spend more time there and brought my new (used, thank you Internet postings) Ashford Traveller. I love the easy of transport and the onboard lazy kate. I also brought a few tools and wire and made "stitch chasers" which are like orifice hooks but can be used to rework a dropped stitch.
  I spun the above wool rainbow to show other knitters/crocheters that the "pot of gold" is potentially within our fingers.
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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Auntie Zaza's and me.

   On the road to Aunty Zaza's in North Easton where I will be tomorrow from 12:00-6:00.
 I will be demonstrating and teaching one on one mini lessons. The photo shows a simple cowl tab that snugs up the top to hug the neck while leaving the rest to slouch  below. A quick and easy first project that will double as a shawl pin when your cowls are hibernating this summer.
  The cowl is hand spun by me from black alpaca/sari silk which bought from
Painted Spring .
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