Monday, March 15, 2010

My First Yarn Crawl

This past Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday I basically lived at Coveted Yarn in Gloucester MA, a mere 15 minutes from my house! Needless to say the view was outstanding. I am referring to the shop's plethora of amazing yarn but also the the parade of fashions I witnessed made by the "crawlers". My favorite item was a scarf in progress that was double knitted in two different variegated yarns using a simple graphic design. Carol, the genius knitter, sat on the couch as we clustered around to watch her knit down a row complete with commentary.
The only downside was my table was less than three feet from the overflowing candy bowl. I took on the job of refilling it throughout the four days. I did my level best to make sure I was needed for the task.
Many thanks to Rob, Laurel, Astrid, Magda and the rest of the crew for a woolly warm time during the raw, rainy crawl. A special thanks to Courtney at the Seed Stitch in Salem, MA for putting this all together.
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