Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Summer List

  One minute it is Memorial Day and the Summer stretches beyond the horizons of the mind. Blink and, poof, it is Labor Day. What happened?! More importantly, what didn't happen? Determined to make the outcome for this year a new trend, I enlisted my "friebor" (friend + neighbor) Sue to make a list of all the things we wished to do together this Summer.  I loved the idea of sharing my favorite Summer rituals with Sue who along with her family is a recent transplant from DC.  We started emailing a list back and forth adding to it as we went. here is the list so far: 
1. Send this email
2. Picnic at Good harbor after 5:00 PM
3. Walk in Dogtown
4. Crafts
a. card making
b. crochet (trust me)
5. Meet downtown Gloucester at the sandwich shop on your way back from work.
6. Run a marathon
7. photo on Bearskin Neck
8. watching the sun rise at Good Harbor Beach
9. eating lasagna Robyn's lasagna with Robyn
10. Watching for falling stars
I threw #6 in just to see if she really read the list.
  Last night we decided to  drive the turn-a-round at the end of Bearskin Neck. At the end was a member of The Gloucester Area Astronomy Club with an impressive telescope who generously offered us a view of Saturn. I can not explain the feeling of seeing that live image so familiarized from a lifetime of pictures of it in books. And so begins another list,  Unplanned High Points of the Summer.
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