Friday, August 19, 2016

A Sad but Inescapable Truth About Myself

 For most of my work life I crafted and sold from a front room shop in my house.  The radio was either on WGBH, a public radio station,  or WUMB, a 100% folky station out of  U Mass, Boston. I worked, I listened, I sang. All in concurrent equal measure. Then I moved to my new place. No retail. No interruptions. Almost complete privacy. AND the computer was right there to keep me in touch with my new etsy store. It was just a click to YouTube,  another click to discover the endless crime dramas and I was in heaven. Didn't I work better? Didn't it help to be reminded of how lucky I was? Didn't I develop the ability to deliver the Miranda Rights in a way that would impress  the most  seasoned of cops or perps? (police slang for perpetrator)? But today I crashed into the reality that watching anything is a way of evaporating momentum and focus. So now I begin a process akin to peeling of good quality duck tape from skin.  Stay tuned for progress reports.
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