Tuesday, January 9, 2007

The Other One

You may have noticed that the name of this blog is plural, implying more than one freak. Well, I am the other one - Maureen.

I crochet well, knit at a novice level, and do polymer clay at an intermediate level. When I'm working in any of the three, it's usually all about the color for me. Oddly enough, my most current project is a black scarf, knit of ribbon yarn with subtle metallic sparkles. It's a belated Christmas present for a friend. She, too, makes all her Christmas presents, so we agreed years ago to exchange presents when they got done, no matter how belated. That's a blessing to have that pressure off.

I'm dying to get to my next project, Fun Fur hats for kids at Children's Hospital in Boston. I found the info about this project on my friend Woolybun's blog but it originated at Minestrone Soup. I highly recommend both these blogs, and if you're a knitter or crocheter, join the project.

Before I go, I must say, Leslie just had me laughing so hard I almost snorted my hot chocolate. She realized that I could take a picture of her unshowered, hair sticking out, and post it, telling the world, "This is what I have to look at!" I told her I'd be afraid she'd sneak into my room at night and take a picture of me snoring, with drool down the side of my face. We would be at an impasse, so the world is safe from those images.

The images I would like to post are of projects, so I'll start that soon. Those should be much more attractive than me with bedhead.



Chris said...

I dunno, I bet those images could be quite fun. I'm laughing already, just imagining them. I do seem to laugh a lot around you folks. Thanks!!!

Unknown said...

I have seen Leslie with her hair sticking out. It is not pretty.... :ox