Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Power of Fiber People

Maureen, here.

In my previous blog, I mentioned the Fun Fur hats for the kids at Children's Hospital. Today, Mini reports that she has heard from 300+ knitters. She also reported that I offered some button covers as a prize, so here they are.

They are made from Premo! polymer clay. I am going to offer six as a set; this photo shows three for clarity. The back of one is visible so that you can see the mechanism. There are a couple of cool things about making button covers with polymer as opposed to buttons. For one, the embellishment can be any shape or size without your worrying about it fitting through a button hole. For another, the polymer clay cannot be dry cleaned, so with button covers, you just pop them on and off.

Back to the Fun Fur hats. I crocheted one last night in a smaller child size, using two strands at a time (black and red). The best results seemed to be with a K size hook, although I may try one with an M hook (no L hook in my case yet). Leslie and I tried to get a picture of one of the cats or my dog wearing the hat, but the results were not usable. We had pictures of the hat sliding off a p-o'd cat or deflated on a sleeping bull terrier's head. But the button covers behaved well, didn't they?

Any questions about the button covers, just email me at maureenmo3 at aol dot com (you know what to do) and be sure to put button covers in the subject line.

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