Thursday, January 18, 2007

Redefinition of the Self

It seems that we define who we are pretty early in the game. Most of that definition is fed to us by others and we absorb it without examination. My current focus is to rethink and retool those labels.
Because I am so aware of this now, I find it jarring when I hear people making sweeping statements about themselves that you know are outdated. Many times I hear "Oh, I'm not creative. I'm just having fun It's nothing." Sometimes what they have presented, be it a home cooked meal, a room in their house that they just redid, a photograph they have taken or a smashing outfit they have put together, is really out-of-the-box special. Since I feel the gift of creativity is the best of all, it is sad to me that they don't see how lucky they are.
And my own self-redefinition? It's hard to say exactly where that's going. I just know whenever I hear myself begin a sentence, "I never" or "I don't" or some other sweeping self definition, I stop. I think what might happen if I try a different approach. Curiosity can be a wonderful motivator.
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Chris said...

Good for you! I seem to make some major changes in my life about every 5 to 10 years, though a few things have remained constant. Keeps life interesting but still familiar.

Dropstitchknitter said...

I have to admit I can be like that - but I am becoming more comfortable with my creativity and recognizing that it is something to grab hold of and let loose!

Francie Horton said...

Amen! :D