Monday, January 29, 2007

January- yes Portland, ME- yes Mondays- NO!

Leslie here, reporting from Portland, ME. just seeing what the world off Cape Ann has to offer. In a few short weeks I'll be here at the Doubletree Inn for the Spa Knit and Spin event. I planned on seeing some museums and galleries and introducing myself to the local yarn shops who might want to host my Shawl Pin Making Workshop. Good idea on the wrong day. Museums are closed as are many of the galleries. That said, it's still great to be here. For those of you who visualize me sitting in a trendy cafe with a fancy laptop, sorry. I'm here in the Portland Public Library which is spacious and modern, using their computer.
Well off to find some more LYSs who don't care if it is Monday.
Blog On!


Chris said...

Hey, guess where I'm going today? Yeah, Portland - ok, today it's a quick stop to deliver a bunny, then on to Mom's, but tomorrow, back to Portland for an overnight. Maybe Thursday night too, but that depends on Mom's procedure. Hope you're having fun!

Folly Cove Fiber Freaks said...

Leslie, reminds me of being in Paris. Seemed like the only thing open was the tour of the sewers! NOT something I wanted to do on my last day in Paris. But shopping was.
- Maureen