Saturday, January 20, 2007

Six Loose Ladies.....and me

Well I finally took my "show" on the road. Yesterday afternoon I pulled up to the yarn store, Six Loose Ladies in Proctorsville, Vermont and walked in to what would be the setting for today's workshop. I could not have asked for a better place. The store is large with an open floor plan that allows for easy browsing. And everywhere there was something to see. Gorgeous yarns and fiber works of all kinds were on display. An installation in finger crochet meandered through a good portion of the shop. The air thrummed with creative inspiration. I was told that Susan, one of The Loose ladies and her husband, Peter had a place for me to say. And what a place.
The Golden Stage Inn was just down the street. My room was cozy and decorated, as was the rest of the inn, in a style to which I aspire. Everywhere was evidence of Susan's creativity. The bathroom was stenciled as was much or the inn's walls with subtle design elements that complimented the fabrics and paint colors. I read, slept and woke early the next morning to be at the shop by 9:00. Sandy and Peter were busy putting out breakfast for the skiers who are fueling up for the morning's caloric demands. I feasted on aplple stuffed French toast, fresh cut up fruit and coffee. The sausages were tempting but I'm still working of the Christmas excess.
I had a wonderful time and met really nice, interesting people. When I get back to Rockport I post my photos .
Till tomorrow, Blog ON!

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Chris said...

sounds like a lovely weekend. I look forward to the photos.