Saturday, March 29, 2008

Fiber Fellowship at Lariviere House in Richford, VT

So here I am in a strange place with time on my hands. I had brought yarn and crochet hooks with me to make Linda's grandchildren each a hat. Hats are pretty quick to make and so I started some baby hats for my friend, Rob's baby hat contest hosted from his site All the hats are then donated to the Beverly hospital (MA). Having packed in a frenzy, I had stuffed all the yarn I could fit into one bag, but I wasn't thinking color at the time. I asked Linda where there was a yarn shop and she points me down the street to Lariviere House. Shirley Jewett opened her shop in 1994. She had just what I needed to round out my color options. But knitting and crochet were just two of the ten options Shirley offered. Lessons and materials to do Tole painting, basket making, beading, jewelry making, sewing, quilting, smocking and etching were also available. What ever interested Shirley she learned and was willing to pass on her knowledge. It was a great relief to sit in her shop surrounded by all the ingredients to go in ten different directions and just talk. Here was a woman who I had just dropped in on in the middle of her work day who gave me me what I needed most: a quiet place to focus on the joy of creating.
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Mo said...

Bless Shirley Jewett and all the women we know like her who encourage creativity. (You are certainly the leader of that pack, Leslie!) In times of trouble and sorrow, sometimes creating something new helps get us to the next moment of our lives.

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