Thursday, March 6, 2008

Another Step in the Process

Today I received a call from the Vermont State office that did the autopsy. Dr Bundock told me that although he had never had a previous heart attack, he did have severe heart disease, severe coronary artery disease, emphysema and high blood pressure. Perhaps he had symptoms. He did mention to someone that he was thinking about going to the doctor. Anyone who knew Jon could never imagine him living with the limitations that all this was capable of dispensing. It is an odd comfort, but a comfort none the less.
Bravely Blogging On!

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Claudia said...

Oh Leslie, I am SO sorry. I do really know how you feel, having lost my own brother to suicide three years ago. It was, in fact, that event that started me blogging. The death of a sibling is somehow, painful in a different way then the death of a parent, perhaps as you mentioned, it's the death of a part of your childhood, and the death of the only person who could commiserate with you.