Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Off to Richford, VT

Instead of getting to visit Jon, my other brother, Rick and I head today to Richford, VT to meet the people and see the town where he had been the happiest in his life. I look foreword especially to meeting Linda Pigeon who helped my brother with his photographic submissions and made it possible for his work to appear in Vermont Life. I know that was one his proudest achievements.
More upon my return.
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pigeoncoop said...

Hey Leslie,

I'm so glad you and Rick and Merri came to see us. I'm sure it was difficult, but I hope in some way, meeting all of Jons friends made it easier for you to deal with his loss.

I hope you can now enjoy your life a little more, knowing he was loved and cared for here in the sticks.

Keep singing!