Friday, March 28, 2008

Richford, Vermont

Remember when you were a kid and you marveled at being able to stand on a boundary line and be in two states at once? Here is the view from Linda Pigeon's house looking out from the USA and seeing Canada.
The first morning I met Jill and Porky, owners of the River Street House of Pizza. Besides their pizza, it was the only place in town for breakfast. Think of it as "Cheers" with eggs, toast and coffee and no beer. (Well, none that I saw.) The center table was always filled with an ever changing cast of hungry characters. By day two it was my seating of choice. Thanks to Linda, who made sure I met everbody, I understood how easy it must have been for my brother to fit in.
Throughout my five days there I kept thinking how sorry I was for not making the trip to visit him sooner. How much fun it would have been to sit at the Riverside's center table with him and see his comfort in this community. That sense of belonging was not evident in our family and I wonder if this may have been the first time he experienced it so fully.
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Chris said...

It sounds like a sweet little town that gave him a good supportive last years.

Unknown said...

What a wonderful blog. Rest assured knowing your brother spent his last years in a good place with good people.