Saturday, December 9, 2006

Accentuate the Positive

Well we can't always eliminate the negative but I am learning that I do have more power to choose how I react. Maybe I am late to coming to this ability, but I am grateful to be at this place at all. And nothing tests our emotions like the heavy duty holidays. Whatever the emotional frequency, holidays turn up the volume.
Years ago (1972 to be exact) I took a course in Silva Mind Control. It was all about using your mind in positive ways with an emphasis on meditation and using affirmations. One of my favorites was "Positive thought give me benefits and advantages I desire." Pretty basic stuff, right? And yet years later I still struggle with my tendency to run dark thoughts. I can forget that I have a choice if I feel the need to stay mired in my pattern of feeling undeserving. And dark thoughts can be pretty draining.
One surprising thing that has happened as I am changing and things are definitely getting better, is my resistance to giving up the old and familiar. I guess it should come as no surprise that years of conditioning don't evaporate overnight. The best part of being older is the perspective that can be harnessed to motivate change. I have years of the old behavior to know what the outcome will be without a new emotional MO. Far worse than the fear of the unfamilar is the image of me in the future unchanged.
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