Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Family, the Original "F" Word

I didn't write my title. I wish I had. It was written by a good friend Skye Alexander who moved from Rockport to Texas. I used to be able to walk to her house. It is a great line and brings me to the topic which is on my mind- tomorrows' holiday. It seem that starting on Thanksgiving and for the month after, the volume of all of my emotions is turned up. The concept of a "normal" day is out the window. Because I am selling my jewelry the next month is a time of reckoning or should I say "wreckening". Every year I make small changes toward making things less stressful. By the time I am 86 things should be hunky dory. But back to tomorrow and family. I am going to my Dad's house. It will be a small group which I like. But being with my family is like walking across a mine field. My Mother died over 5 years ago and it was her personality that set the tone for the family. I am sure her paranoia and anixiety would be diagnosed as something today, but they created an envoirnment that didn't foster trust which is a stepping stone to love. I am sad for her that she never was able to relax and enjoy herself. And tomorrow I will be sure to be in the moment and not react with childhood patterns learned long ago.
Ah, I feel better.
I wish you all a peaceful holiday.

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Unknown said...

It's all about expectations. This time of year the media bombards us with images of an imaginary reality that people think everyone else has except them. If you get rid of your expectations, you'll be much happier and just enjoy the holidays for what they are.

Me, I'm taking this time to write....