Thursday, December 28, 2006

A Time of Excess

During this time of year I feel like a child who is overstimulated and can't focus on anything for too long. I like winter because it gives me permission to embrace my hermit side, but that doesn't happen until after the holiday season ends on January 2nd. Starting with Thanksgiving there is the season of excess: too much of everything except time. Every year it takes me by surprise and every year I promise myself to make the changes necessary to smooth the passage. And I do to some extent. But I can tell you honestly today that I have a long way to go before I sail through this time on calm waters. My two biggest lessons are staying in the moment and taking care of myself.
I am at a party and I am talking to someone and in my head runs a steady stream of things that have nothing to do with the real time conversation. Besides being unfair to the other person it is exhausting and prevents me from truly hearing what is being said. So, goal #1- be here now (the mind version). React from my present self.
Ok, I am at that same party. I am eating really good ________. It is so good that I want more and hey, it is the holiday season and who knows when food like this will come my way again so having even more seems like a smart idea. Why is it that my taste buds are better than the rest of me about being here now? Keep this up and there will be more of me to be here now. So, goal #2- not to deny myself completely but to be able to judge what is comfortably enough. Guess that makes it Be Here Now, the stomach version.
Well, I feel better.
Thanks for reading.

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