Sunday, July 27, 2008

Backpack, Sweet Backpack

At first I couldn't explain this new pattern of my repeated visits to eBay in search of black backpacks. I had bought several. Some made me reasonably happy. Some furthered the learning curve down "What I Don't Want Street". Going down that road helped me to discover my preference for backpacks with lots of obvious and accessible compartments. Then I realized that since I was travelling for work more than I ever had before and since I am a Taurus, (a home centered sign), a backpack has become an extension of home to me. Compartments are rooms. A central compartment that is able to hold my massive planner equals a large family room. An area with loops to hold pens and pencils plus a notebook is the office. No matter the size, it sure is easier to clean.
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Melissa Morgan-Oakes said...

I am SO picky about backpacks and bags. So so. Because it is an extension of my space, it needs to be perfect!

Mo said...

Leslie knows I thought she was looney for ordering all those backpacks from eBay.

Now I'm ordering Kool-Aid from eBay. Who is crazier?