Monday, July 21, 2008

Time In Another Dimension

That is what house sitting is like. There I am in a space that has no emotional hold on me. In my case it was only a few miles down the road and yet I felt light years away. The first thing I noticed was the instant calmness of mind. At home everywhere I looked sparked some thought that started with an "ought to", as in " Oh, I ought to clean that, organize that, attend to that." I watched movies, read or visited with the upstairs neighbor, my friend Grace. I would get up and head home to work. Each time I returned to the studio I was aware of the jarring feeling of coming into such a chaotic mess. I referred to my workspace as "studio verite". Now I am thinking that a little faking the level of organization and cleanliness might be better for business not to mention my own peace of mind.
Two weeks of living like that have made me promise myself that August is the month to devote to making the change. I just have to change my motto from "If in doubt don't throw it out"
Gracie, I owe you big time!
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Anonymous said...

Good luck with that!


i wonder if dust bunnies get big enough if you could spin and then knit them up.

ok, my house keeping is worse than yours! live with it!

i have been ogling your cable holders and they are definitely on my birthday wish list...i blogged about them in the hope that someone will take the hint.

and now i have visited your web site only to find fun and funny and stuff...

the join you are ruddy dangerous! leave alone and stop drawing me in!!!

ok, that won't work and we all know it so i will just continue to lerk about and periodically make comments.

Unknown said...

Boy, do I know what you mean. Back when I was able to "Borrow" Walker Hancock's studio back in the woods behind your place I used to go there for a few days and get so much writing done! Pity they had to rent it to someone...

My housekeeping stinks, too. I get so annoyed with myself but I figure I sew, I knit, I write books and I design web sites --- who cares if I dust?