Sunday, January 13, 2008

Thank You, Osram Sylvania

I don't think of myself as cheap. I like to think of myself as having smart money values. So, I am standing in Shaw's the other night holding a $1o* light bulb and I am thinking that this bulb will last for five years, save me money and make it possible to easily knit and crochet this time of year after 4:00 PM. Put in that "light", $10 is cheap. I head home with the bulb and who cares what else where, once in the door I put my bags down and reach for the the bulb that will change my life. Fort Knox might be easier to open than this package. I employ some mighty scissors to start the process. To be safe I use my hands to slowly ease off the plastic, form fitting package. (Here I start having flashbacks to sixth grade and my first experience with stockings and a girdle.) The packaging gives in an unpredictable way that launches the bulb toward it's date with destiny. I am left in the dim with the equivalent of $10 in a thousand pieces on the floor. I sweep. I piss and moan. I call the free number on the package for no reason and am told that the office is open in the morning.
Bright and early the next morning I call the office to explain my difficulty and am told they are redoing the packaging. I ask if perhaps I might get a coupon or something.........please.
They are sending me (as in direct, to my home) a new bulb.
It really helps to speak up in a nice way.
I have seen the light!
*ok, it was really $9.99. $10 is more dramatic.

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