Thursday, June 7, 2007

Czarina of All She Surveys

Maureen back with another of the cats. This is Odessa, rescued feral, possibly the eldest, arguably the best mouser, certainly the most assertive. Odessa tolerates old Joon, but other dogs are THE EVIL to be warded off. She thinks she's the top of the totem pole with the cats and will let any of the them know when they've violated the hierarchy. Shug, who is the other candidate for oldest cat, was the first one here and sometimes stands up to Odessa, but not often.

If any of the other cats are being petted or brushed, Odessa will wake from the soundest sleep to bully her way in. She will push any of the other cats aside for attention. If you, silly human, do not immediately accede to her will, Dessa will slightly extend her claws on her right paw and just barely prick your arm until you render just due to her magnificence.

Odessa has a favorite spot by the sliding doors to the deck. She will sit or lie there for hours, looking outward. Many times I wondered: What is she thinking? Is she guarding us against coyotes or the hated orange tom? Does she fondly remember when she was wild and free? Does she hunger for bird sushi? Does she long for the soft brush of the long grasses against her silky fur? Does she remember being cold and hungry, bearing uncounted litters, being chased by predators?

The answer may be in my next blog. Stay tuned...

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