Friday, June 8, 2007

Everything I Needed to Know About Life I Learned From Sponge Bob Square Pants Collapse

Some people decompress by having a cigarette, a cup of tea or by watching TV. I was perfectly happy with spider solitaire until Maureen showed me the light. Go to and click on games. In the next window click on puzzles. Finally scroll down the dozens of offerings to Sponge Bob Square Pants Collapse. I turn off the volume as the sounds are distracting at best.
I must confess that I gave her grief about playing the baby version of Spider Solitaire. But her Sponge Bob scores were double and triple mine. Friend that she is, she actually let me watch while explaining her strategy. Nervous of ending the game, I never advanced the squares to the top. I manically burst small groups of same colored squares hardly keeping up. If I had earned a point for each time my heart beat I would have done fabulously.
So here is the secret: Maureen showed me that by running the squares up to the top and very quickly bursting the bubbles that present themselves, it is possible to click more productively. Being daring actually made it better all around.
I am one of those people that always sees a psychological lesson in anything. So from this I have learned that my natural tendency to play it conservatively undermines my results.
Thanks Sponge Bob!
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