Thursday, May 31, 2007

Breakthrough at the MA Sheep and Woolcraft Fair

It has been a life long pattern for me to worry and conjure before an event, especially something I have never done before. My mind races with things, none of them happy, that only seem ridiculous afterwards. I am definitely better with each occasion that passes uneventfully, but the pattern still asserts itself. So I left for the show Friday nervous as this was my first show entirely solo and camping in my Camry sedan. I will spare us both any description of what I had projected. Let me just describe to you my key moment of peace.
Back from a hot shower in the very nearby bathroom I use magnets to affix screening to an open window for breezes without bugs. The air mattress and sleeping bag are rolled out thanks to the handy feature that allows the seat backs to fold down allowing access to the trunk from the back seat. I am nestled in with my cell phones' flashlight balanced on my chest allowing me one of my favorite rites of night, reading in bed (or bag). An orchestra of sheep bleat a lullaby. Through the skylight (rear view window) is the Berkshire's summer sprinkle of twinkle. In comparison to sleeping with a multitude of cats, this feels roomy. I had just completed day one of the show and I had good response to my work. Day two would start with a breakfast at a coffee shop in nearby Goshen that opens super early. I am at peace.
Needless to say I signed up for the same booth next year which I will be sharing with my friend, Judy Jacobs ( and her beautiful hand dyed yarns allowing me freedom to roam a bit.
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judy said...

Leslie, you surely know how to coin a phrase.. "sprinkle of twinkle". It makes me want to sleep in the grass tonight under the stars. I won't, ticks and mosquitoes.