Friday, January 21, 2011

My Work at Vogue Knitting Live! Booth #1500

Thank you Chris from for making space at your booth in Americas Hall 1 at the Hilton in NYC. Chris said to mention that there are two halls on two different floors so make sure that if you get there you see the whole show.
There is nothing like the creative energy at these shows. First there is the array of fantastic fiber arts products. It is not uncommon for me to develop an interest in something to which I was previously indifferent due to seeing a display. Then there is the endless parade of creations on attendees and show personnel as well. As I like to say, "This is the only situation that you can fondle the garment of a stranger and not end up in jail!"
Check out the show's site at
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Kathleen Dames said...

Leslie, I was tickled pink to see your display at the market, especially Friday when I was wearing my new design with your pin. If you haven't checked out yet, be sure to and see my Turn of the Glass with your beautiful C-pin.