Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Balsams Grand Hotel Revisited

It is only fitting that my last post was about RoseAnn's and my time at The Balsams Grand Resort Hotel and my next entry shows our return trip to that amazing place. In between I have changed, by my own choice, much in my life. This is not the first time in my life I have felt like the last person in the line in a game of whip. This memory is from my grammar school days at the Whitman School in Brockton, MA. The game starts innocently enough by forming a line of kids all holding hands. The leader starts running with the line snaking behind. When the leader stops the line swings in an arch. Whoever is the last person is moved at speeds usually beyond their ability. Any sense of control is gone. I have moved from a house I had lived in for more than thirty years, changed my viewpoint of my business that I have carried for over forty years and updated a sense of self that is older than both the previous attitudes.
Here are RoseAnn and I in the Ballot Room at Dixville Notch, NH, the first reporting precinct in the nation. The wall is full of mostly black and white photos of political dignitaries. The Balsams in general has an historic feel to it but this room feels like the hub of all that.
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