Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Pirate Sheep!?

One of the drawbacks to being a vendor at a sheep and wool show is that I miss some unique events that I would never get to see in the day to day world. This event at the New Hampshire Sheep and Wool Show was documented by my friend, Alexander. I got to know him through our weekly Sea Shanty nights at Cameron's Restaurant in Gloucester, MA. Under the auspices of the Schooner Adventure,
the group has been singing together on a regular basis for a few years.
Long before I knew he was a talented photographer,
I was attracted to his singing. Not just his voice, but his comfortable delivery and choice of material made me curious how he got to that point while I still hung back.
Discovering that his longtime friend, Richard lived close to the fair and was willing to put us up made a road trip possible. So for two days I "personed" my booth while Alexander roamed his first sheep and wool festival. How I wished I could have put a video camera on him so I could see all the events that he was photographing. His photo of two children in costumes that co-ordinated with their lambs is a good example.
Richard's house was way neater than mine and very comfortable. The biggest hint that a single guy lived there was the array of remotes lined up on the arm of the spacious couch in front of the high tech TV. Were it in my house I would get no work done. Since both men are open conversationalists, our topics were wide ranging and interesting. The only downside was that I find myself recovering from an overdose of second hand testosterone.
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