Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother - Daughter Socks

The New Hampshire Sheep and Wool Show was a joy for me this year . First of all the weather was cool but mostly sunny and no rain unlike the flood of two years ago.
Secondly I got to share my booth with Judy,

which meant I could run to visit Chris Morgan, http://woolybuns.typepad.com/visit the ladies' room and get food (oh those cookies from the Rolling in the Dough booth. (I think I remembered the name correctly). Making and keeping the connections at these events is key to our "close knit" community.

And then there is the parade of fashions! The top jacket stopped me in my tracks. I sadly forgot to get her name, but the jacket looked like she had such fun!

The sock story was a sweet Mother's Day discovery. Mom, Denise
eight pairs of socks for her birthday! The rust orange pair on the left is one of those eight. The striped sock on the right, modeled by Denise, is knitted from the remainders of those eight pairs. Those are the kinds of gifts really show caring.
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Mo said...

What lovely fashions you found. That jacket is mindblowing. And, yes, that is a great story about the socks.

Sorka said...

HEY!! I am working on Judy's Crest of the wave scarf!! Hmmm small world!

Geek+Nerd said...

Aww Leslie thanks for posting this! I'm definitely going to snag that picture of my mum's and my feet :)

Unknown said...

Awesome, Leslie! Looks like you had fun.