Saturday, February 9, 2008

My Sanity (Such as it is), One Stitch at a Time

I have never been someone who liked meetings. Put me in a room where I have to sit still, listen to lots of discussion that I may or may not find relevent and monitor the other channels of thought that are running like stock quotes at the bottom of my mental screen is a stretch for me. Until I discovered the calming power of fiber flowing through my fingers on the way to a crochet hook or a knitting needle. Part of it is the softness passing over my fingers. Another calming component is the the repetitive motion needed for each stitch. The only variable is the color that the mood of the moment craves. This morning's choice was a multi-jewel toned mohair blend with a thin synthetic strand of sparkle riding shotgun. Each saturated hue blotted out exstraneouss thought. I sat quietly knitting, listening, absorbing.
School would have been so different had I known this sooner.
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Chris said...

Yes. Knitting or crocheting activity is kind of a psychic white noise. As long as my fingers are engaged in doing, fidgets stay at bay. I still may not be able to focus on something deadly dull and boring, but at least I'm not feeling compelled to provoke.

Mo said...

Ah, if only I could have crocheted my way through the deadly corporate meetings all those years.