Thursday, February 21, 2008

Housecat Vs. Bloodhound, or "Who's The Boss?"

This noble face belongs to Rufus who visited yesterday with his owner Sara. He has a gentle, sensitive disposition and the talented nose of bloodhound legend.

While Sara was in the studio with Leslie, Rufus went exploring. He immediately discovered the mini garbage can containing the cat food and flipped the top off. He immersed his whole snout in the food to chow down and had to be dragged away. Not deterred, he trotted around, gathering scents. The cats, especially Shug, were generally displeased with this intruder, although Nefertiti seemed more fascinated than scared. Shug was emitting operatic cat growls, like a feline version of Il Commendatore in Don Giovanni.

After Rufus was given several dog biscuits, he unsuccessfully tried to get into the litter boxes, compost container, and (again) the cat food can. He discovered the cats' water bowl under a small table and slurped up a drink enthusiastically. Guess all that cat food gave him a powerful thirst. Alas, Shug saw her chance. She crouched on top of the table, silently. When Rufus pulled his big noggin from under the table, Shug smacked him with her left paw right on top of his crown.

"AWOOOOOOO!" bawled the hound. Humiliated, Rufus ran off to his mom in the studio.

Shug posed on top of the table, puffed out to a most impressive size. In her view, the proper hierarchy of beings had been enforced.


SheilaShine said...

Hurray for Shug! One little smack was all she needed to defend her territory. Who says the bigger the better?

Chris said...

Hahahaha - I love the story and the way you told it. My two redheads cornered my cat in the dog pen out back. She held them both at bay and took it a step further: sent Gypsy tail whipped and crawling for cover. Before that, the cat used to sit at the sliding glass doors on the deck and torment the dogs by just sitting there. Which is why I let the confrontation happen. She's wised up and now stays away from the deck and I don't have to listen to the crazed redheads shrieking vile threats at the cat.

Unknown said...

He looks like Zeke.......