Thursday, December 20, 2012

Spinning for Peace

 Long before I learned to spin I was mesmerized at fiber festivals when I saw someone at a spinning wheel. Perhaps it was the hypnotic combination of smooth repetitive movements, shifting color and the fact that right before my eyes fluff become yarn. Once I learned to spin I remembered the same feeling from my pottery class with John Semple in the mid 1960's at Thayer Academy. There are so few times when you experience the feeling of a material being transformed right in your fingers through movment: lump of clay on a potters wheel  becomes a bowl, wispy wool on a spinning wheel in now yarn. I found it so calming that I wanted to share the experience. So I started spinning publicly.
 A few days ago I realized a goal of spinning at the Kaplan House, a twenty bed hospice facility in Danvers, MA. I took the volunteer course this past Fall which helped me understand the fullness of where I was. I set up in a beautiful sitting area and spun for about two hours. I brought a basket filled with soft colored roving for a pleasing visual rest stop. I talked to staff and visitors who were curious and will be back next week.
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