Friday, February 10, 2012

Wow, Did You See The Knits On That Girl

   I have always loved Broadway shows. I am also a huge fan of the TV show Glee. So when I heard about the upcoming new TV show, "Smash", I was determined to watch it and positive I would love it. Just like Indian food on Cape Ann, there is so little of it around that I enjoy with gusto even mediocre fare. But what I did not expect was the knitting fashions which  were special in their design and color choice. Within the first few minutes of the show(easily watched online),  Debra Messing's character,  Julia Houston wears a fabulous froth of a scarf that makes me wonder if she will ignite a whole new flurry of knitters. So Monday night at 10.00 on NBC tune in to see the knits and hear the music. After only one episode it is too early to judge the plot.
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