Sunday, January 25, 2009

Oh, Mr Preident, You Dance Divinely!

I was doing a workshop at the Portland Fiber Gallery in Maine today and went to the North Star Cafe, a few doors down to get a bit of sustenance before class. There was Obama, Latin dancing! I always said, "Give me the right beat and any inhibitions go out the door." Lucky for me I had the right outfit in the car.
Blog (and Salsa) On!

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M said... how adorable are you? and what a funny way to find you again, dear leslie!! i remain faithful to your fabulous silver earrings and continue to polish them regularly! i miss carrying your business cards around with me! but you remain an inspiration -- and i am happy to report that i'm maintaining the balance -- and now working with beads and silver wire, too. but wow! to "stumble upon" **YOU** and then to see skye's name also. wow. i love thinking that skye and kate showed up on your doorstep because cyndy introduced Us. yay, friends! i was so sorry to read about your brother -- and the multiple losses you have suffered -- and so Happy to see that you are spinning and creating a whole new way of being! much love, marah