Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Secret to "Looking" Younger

Well the use of quotation marks gives away that this post will not really give you information to turn back time on your face or body. But the truth of how people respond to how we look is mostly about the self-image we carry in our heads. Now humor me here for a moment. Do we agree that it is a given that how we feel we look is not dead on the reality mark?
(Moving ahead with the assurance of a majority vote in my favor here.) So, if we are not right why not carry a "better" or fantasy image? Sometimes you will see me out and not realize that I am my alterbody, Lupe the Latina based on any number of woman from the pop culture. What truly counts to people ( who are not shallow twits and who wants them as friends anyway?) is how you carry yourself and the confidence behind all that. So, since it won't cost you anything to try this, take your alterbody out for a test drive and let me know how it works for you.
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PM61 said...

I think Beyonce agrees with you. She has an alter ego now called "Sasha Fierce.


OTOH, I think of Sally Field playing Sybil at the other end of this spectrum....


judy said...

young and beautiful. smash the mirrors!