Friday, November 30, 2007

On Maturity and Having a Cold

Greetings from the Mucus Queen. I trust that my reign will be short.
One of the things I inherited from my Dad, who just passed away, was my view of the common cold. He did not sit back passively and let things run their course. I have expanded that attitude. How I deal with the common cold is nothing short of the buckshot approach. On the recommendation of my friend, Alexander (who swears his cold came from the woman who poured his coffee at the local caffeine emporium) I am taking Yin Chiao to bolster my immune system. I am only one day into it so it would be unfair to judge it's effectiveness. Janie passed on two types of Zicam which I started at the very beginning. I started with Airborne and have switched to Emergen C. Mid afternoon I begged my neighbor, Ginny for something mainstream. Enter, literally. Tylenol Extreme Cold.
And now the dilemma. I am invited to a party tonight at Susan's house. She is the kind of cook that you can count on to serve the sort of food that will be talked about for weeks. My taste buds, compromised thought they may be, voted, go. But this is day two and I am the human petri dish bearing fresh germs. I ask Maureen who can always be counted on for her true opinion.
So, I am staying home.
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Chris said...

Hugs to you too! I'm so sorry about your Dad. And I hope you get over that nasty cold quickly.

Dropstitchknitter said...

You and me both - but I won't use the Zicam. We can both get a lot of resting done this weekend.

I'm so sorry to hear about your Dad's passing.

Scott B. Lesch said...

Dear Leslie,

There HAS to be an image to go with "Mucus Queen!"