Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A Blog About Litter Boxes?!

Is there anyone among us who does not think that they have discovered a better/best way to do something? If hefty credentials in the chosen field give weight to an "opinion", I would like to begin by stating that I have five cats. I think that equates to a PHD in litterboxocolgy.
Store bought litter has two inescapable problems: the cost and the tracking throughout the house. Old newspaper eliminates both issues (not an intentional pun). Use one section unfolded so that one page at a time shows on the bottom of the litter box. Place a second folded section on the bottom. Keep some folded sections nearby and add them on top if you want later. To change all you need to do is roll the long bottom section starting from the exposed and still clean top of the page. It takes seconds and costs nothing.
So if this blog is not up to the usual meaty, intelligent discourse you expect form me be glad I did not include pictures.
Blog On!


Mo said...

As long as you don't use the sports pages prematurely, I think this method works fine. And it's that much less paper to haul to the dump!

Unknown said...

I tried newspapers once but they didn't eliminate odor, and my cats didn't like them. They made their displeasure clear by unraveling an entire roll of toilet paper. What I like to do is line the box with a sheet of Reynold's freezer paper plastic-coated side down. The plastic coating makes the paper water-proof, so there are no urine leaks. Then I put in litter. When the litter has been used, I simply gather up the four corners of the freezer paper and drop the whole thing into a plastic bag and put it out with the garbage. I never have to wash the litter box, and the freezer paper is much cheaper than litter box liners.

Bill Thoms said...

Leslie: You admit to owning FIVE cats?